My Co-Workers Won’t Know What Hit Em

If you work in an office you’ll probably have experienced or been part of an office prank. When office workers get bored, they come up with some great practical jokes to play on their colleges. There are the classic pranks like covering your colleges cubicle in post-it notes or wrapping everything in their cubicle up with newspaper. Then there are the more creative ideas such as replacing everything in your colleges office with cardboard replicas!

Office boredom always seems to get me at the worst possible times, and there is only so much I can do on to entertain myself. Sometimes I think about playing pranks on my buddy in the next cubicle, similar to the hijinks that Jim plays on Dwight on the hit show, The Office.

An easy prank to pull in the office is to fill your bosses office space with balloons. From the floor to the ceiling, like this:

Office cubicle pranks are always fun and very common in a cubicle based office. If you don’t know what an office cubicle is, check out this Wikipedia article.

An alternative to the office newspaper wrap prank is to use tin foil or christmas wrapping paper. This practical joke is time consuming so wait until your college takes a vacation and get some people together to wrap up everything in their cubicle including their computer, their chair and their photos.

Another office practical joke idea is the classic cup prank. All you have to do is get yourself a lot of disposable paper or plastic cups then fill them all with water and place the cups all over your colleges office floor and desk. It takes a bit of time but when your friend comes in to their office the next day they’ll end up knocking a lot of cups over!

If you’re feeling really creative there are other pranks you could pull in the office like setting your colleges computer mouse in jelly!