Here are some of the funniest pictures of the pranks that have been done to those guys who always get too drunk and pass out! These guys are so drunk that they pass out and don’t have a clue what is happening to them!

After these stupid people have drunk too much and passed out, their mates and friends seize the opportunity to have a bit of fun with them!

This college guy gets wrapped to a seat with cling film when he passes out from drinking too much!

A funny marker pen prank on a drunk friend!

A crazy drunk marker pen prank with these uni students!

Funny university prank – a drunk guy gets dragged into a bathroom on his mattress!

This drunk guy gets shammed with a flour in the face prank!

Funny university prank with a drunk friend – he gets tied down to his bed with duct tape!

Funny marker pen drawing on your drunk mate prank

More funny drunk friend shaming with marker pens

Amazing prank at uni – a passed out drunk guy gets wrapped up in duct tape!

Funny college prank – drunk passed out friend gets drawn on with marker pen