Funny Prank Ideas

How To Ruin Your School Class Photo – Very Funny Prank!

Want a funny and clever way to pull a prank at school? This is how you can pull a hilarious practical joke on your school class by ruining the class photo! You’ll need to have the photographer in on the prank with you for it to work properly. All you have to do is get the photo to be taken under a window on a second floor. Then, wait for the signal from the photographer that they are going to take the photo. Then pour buckets of water all over the people below!

If it goes right, you’ll get some hilarious photos of everyone getting soaked!

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April Fools Prank Idea For Workplace Bathoom & Public Toilets

Here’s a funny easy to do practical joke idea for a public bathroom or work place bathroom door. It’s a great, funny prank to play on april fools day or any day! All you have to do is cut a bit of card out that is the same colour as the men and women sign’s on the doors of the bathrooms. Cut it out to look like the skirt on the women’s sign and then stick it over the men’s sign to make it look like a women figure as well!

It’s a simple and effective funny prank which will fool many people!

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