Funny Prank Ideas

Funny Pictures Of Drive Thru Fast Food Pranks & Practical Jokes

Great idea for a funny practical joke to do at your local fast food drive thru!

Guy driving a sit-on lawn mower goes through mcdonalds drive through for a prank

Messing with the menu board at a fast food drive through prank

Funny prank – old man goes through a wendy’s drive thru on a motorized seat!

Funny practical joke – A guy goes through a mcdonalds drive thru in a horse and cart!

Funny prank at mcdonalds drive through – woman orders food on a horse!

Funny prank at mcdonalds drive through – old man orders a happy meal on a motorized seat!

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Funny Pranks – Pictures Of Hilarious College And Dormitory Pranks

Funny prank at uni – blocking a dorm room with saran wrap prank

Interesting funny prank in a uni dormitory – hanging bananas in the corridors!

Funny university car park prank in the snow – students draw a rude picture in the snow

Funny uni flat room prank – friends dump loads of shredded paper on their mates bed

Friends funny prank war at college – duct taped room and bed

Hilarious newspaper filled dorm room prank idea

Easy to do amusing prank at uni – fill a dorm room with scrunched up newspaper!

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