Halloween Pranks

Funny, Clever & Spooky Photos Of Real Halloween Pranks

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The Top 10 Easy-To-Do Funny & Spooky Halloween Pranks Ideas

Here are some great classic, spooky halloween pranks which are easy to do. These are some of the funniest pranks to pull on halloween. Some are harmless, some are scary and weird and some are dangerous and good for revenge! They all make excellent practical jokes for halloween night and will leave  you and your friends laughing for hours.

Halloween Prank: Pumpkin Mess

A classic halloween prank is to go around smashing up everyone’s pumpkins, but this just leaves a mess and makes enemies. An alternative is to swap everyone’s pumpkins on their front yards around. Or secretly move all the pumpkins on your street to one person’s front yard. Everyone will be left very confused and wonder if something spooky is going on!

Halloween Prank: The Stalker

Another easy to do halloween prank. Dress up in a good costume like freddy kreuger or a real looking zombie. Then all you have to do on the night of Halloween is find an innocent victim to stalk. Follow the person from behind them, making sure they see you every so often. To make this prank even funnier, get another prankster to dress up in exactly the same costume as yourself. When you’re following the victim, each time they see you move out of sight behind a bush or a wall etc. Then get your partner in crime to appear in front of them or from a different direction. Keep doing this till the victim gets very scared!

Halloween Prank: Moving Candy

Get some fishing line or thread and tie some candy to one end. Leave the candy on your door step at your front porch and then reel the thread or fishing line out until you get around the corner of your house. When a trick or treater comes to the door and goes to pick up the candy, move it away bit by bit.

Halloween Prank: Power Outage

You will need access to a ‘master switch’ on your fuse box or power box. Have a halloween party and then half way through, switch the power off to your house. Then, when all the guests are standing in pitch black, you and maybe a couple of other pranksters should be dressed in black, scrapping at the windows and making weird noises. Also have someone inside the house scaring people in the darkness and someone screaming upstairs etc.

Halloween Prank: Early Christmas

Get your friends to go round in a group with you Christmas caroling! Watch people’s surprised faces as they open their doors! When they tell you its not Christmas, get into a verbal fight with your group saying things like ‘See, I told you we are too early!’. You could even wrestle it out on the persons front lawn!

Halloween Prank: Toilet Paper House

One of the most popular Halloween pranks and still as funny as ever. Get a bucket of water and some rolls of toilet paper. Go to your victims house, soak up balls of toilet paper in the water and throw them at the house. They’ll leave sticky splatters of toilet paper everywhere and look like a right mess!

Halloween Prank: Leafy Hole

If you already have a dip or hole in your front yard then this prank is easy. Otherwise you’ll need to dig a hole/trench in your front yard – but it will be worth it! Get in the hole on the night of Halloween and then get a friend to fill it with leaves and put leaves on top of you. When a trick or treater walks up to the house, jump out in costume and scare the wits out of them!

Halloween Prank: Can’t Reach The Candy

You’ll need a tree in your front yard for this halloween prank. Get a big candy bucket or box and make sure it says ‘candy’ on the outside or write it on in big letters. Attach a rope to the candy bucket or box and tie it up as high as you can in a tree. Make sure you can still read the word candy from the ground though! Then when a trick or treater comes to your door, point up to the tree and inform them that the candy is up there. Tell them that if they can reach it, they can have it all. Watch as victim after victim tries to reach and fails.

Halloween Prank: Covered Lawn

All you have to do is cover your front lawn in hundreds of something like plastic forks (handle end in the lawn) or anything else you can think of and get a lot of. In the past pranksters have stuck hundreds of fake pink flamingos over their lawn. Anyone trick or treating at your house will have trouble getting through your lawn and will be rather confused!

Halloween Prank: The Original Halloween Scare

This prank is common knowledge to a prankster but its a classic and is always very funny to pull off. Its the surprise scare prank which works great on halloween as a very spooky and scary prank. You don’t need to wear a costume but wearing a good costume will make the scare more intense. All you have to do in this very easy to pull halloween prank is hide in places and jump out at your victims shouting and screaming! Some great ideas for where to hide are in closets, cupboards, at school in a locker, in a garbage can, the back seat of a car, behind a sofa, in a shower cubicle, in a bush, behind a wall etc.

Got a better idea for a halloween prank? Pulled a great halloween prank before? Leave a comment and let us know!

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