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10 Hilarious Pictures Of Funny Office Pranks & Practical Jokes

10 of the best practical jokes in the office and at work. If you’re looking to pull a funny prank to your co-worker in your office then you’ll get some great ideas from these funny prank pics! There are some easy office pranks and some more difficult office pranks but one thing is for sure… they’re all hilarious!

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Funny Ideas For April Fools Day Office Pranks & Practical Jokes

If you want to annoy your boss or your colleagues at work then try this funny prank idea – wrap up everything in their office in tin foil! This picture is a great example of a tin foil prank in the office!

An easy but time taking prank on april fools day is the post it notes prank. All you need is a lot of sticky post-it notes and your victims office. Then just stick them everywhere for this funny april fools prank!

A quick and easy office prank on april fools day is to wrap up your mates office cubicle with saran wrap/cling film! It works great for wrapping up office cubicles and is very funny.

If you want to pull an april fools prank in the office that is a bit different, try printing off hundreds of pictures of your boss, or a funny celebrity or character and cover your victims office in the pictures!

This is one of the best office pranks on april fools day – construct a murder crime scene with fake crime scene tape and a peron marked out on the floor. This prank will have your whole office laughing!

A simple but effective office prank on april fools day – fill your friends office cubicle with hundreds of balloons. This will take a few of you to do but is funny when complete!

A hilarious practical joke for april fools day is the cups filled with water prank! All you need is hundreds of plastic cups and your bosses office. Then just fill each cup and place them all over the floor and office!

A very funny prank for the office or work place on april fools day is to put someone’s stapler, mouse, keyboard or anything else in jello or jelly! Then replace it back on their desk for a hilarious reaction when your colleague returns!

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