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Funny April Fools Day Prank Tricks & Practical Joke Ideas

If you’re looking for an idea for a prank to pull this April Fools Day, check out these photos of funny pranks, tricks and practical jokes. These are some of the best April Fools easy-to-pull pranks we have seen and are all very funny to do! If you’re pulling a prank this April Fools, make sure you send us any pictures or videos so we can put them on this website!

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Funny Truck April Fools Prank Idea With Post Sticky It Notes

A harmless idea for an april fools prank to your mates truck. Sneak up to their truck in the night before april the 1st and cover it with sticky post it notes! You can use different coloured post it notes for this prank to make it a bit more interesting. It will take a long time if you’re pulling this prank on your own, so get your mates to help. Your victim will have a funny surprise when they wake up on april fools day to find their truck like this!

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