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Funny, Clever & Spooky Photos Of Real Halloween Pranks

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Hilarious Scary Halloween Pranks Ideas To Pull On Trick Or Treater’s

Here are some extremely funny ideas for pranks to pull on the annoying trick or treaters that come to your door asking for candy on halloween! Some of these practical joke ideas are harmless but some are dangerous and could seriously scare a little kid so be warned! Nevertheless, these pranks are hilarious to pull with a couple of mates on halloween if you’re looking for a laugh and to get revenge on the annoying trick or treaters!

  • A nasty prank on halloween is to make caramel covered onions instead of apples. Hand these out to the trick or treaters and they will get a nasty surprise as they bite into one!
  • When a kid comes to the door and says ‘trick or treat’, shout ‘trick!’ and chuck eggs at them until they run away!
  • When a trick or treater comes to your door, hand out vegetables like carrot sticks and celery sticks.
  • On the night of Hallowe’en, give out religious leaflets explaining why you don’t celebrate Hallowe’en to the trick or treaters.
  • Make a scarecrow and sit him on your front lawn or porch for a month before halloween. Then on the night of halloween, get into the scarecrow costume and sit in the same place. Keep very still and quiet and when a trick or treater comes to the door, jump up and scare the shit out of them! Another idea is to slowly creep up on them once they’re at the door – they’ll be fixated on the candy and when they look round you’ll be there to scare them! Or if you’re sitting on the porch, grab their arm or leg when they are standing next to you.
  • You’ll need two of you for this halloween prank. Get a bowl, cut a hole in the bottom big enough for you hand and in a cheap table. Put the bowl on top of the table, over the hole. Then get under the table and put your hand up through the hole and into the bowl. Get your friend to fill it with candy. When a trick or treater reaches in the bowl for the candy, grab their arm and hand!
  • An hilarious prank if done well is to get a kid you know (a younger brother maybe) to jump in with a group of trick-or-treaters that come up to your house. When they ring the door bell, come out with the candy and then suddenly ‘kidnap’ him, pulling him into the house and shutting the door. Have him screaming behind the door and struggling so that the rest of the kids can hear it.
  • If you don’t want any trick or treaters to even come up to your door and ring the doorbell then this is the prank for you. Make some realistic looking signs that say things like ‘Danger – Keep Out’ and ‘Danger – Unexploded Mines’. Place them on your front lawn/yard. To improve this prank get hold of some hazard tape and tape off your yard.
  • You’ll need a house that has a window above the front door to pull off this funny halloween prank. Get some buckets of goo or unpleasant substances and have a friend wait upstairs next to the window above your front door. When the trick or treaters come, open the door and yell ‘trick!’. Then the guy upstairs pours the bucket over the trick or treaters!
  • For a funny Halloween prank, when trick or treaters come to your door, open it dressed as an obese guy with chocolate smeared round your face. Show them an empty bowl and explain that you’ve eaten all the candy yourself!
  • Get some fishing line or thread and tie some candy to one end. Leave the candy on your door step at your front porch and then reel the thread or fishing line out until you get around the corner of your house. When a trick or treater comes to the door and goes to pick up the candy, move it away bit by bit.
  • If you already have a dip or hole in your front yard then this prank is easy. Otherwise you’ll need to dig a hole/trench in your front yard – but it will be worth it! Get in the hole on the night of Halloween and then get a friend to fill it with leaves and put leaves on top of you. When a trick or treater walks up to the house, jump out in costume and scare the wits out of them!
  • You’ll need a tree in your front yard for this halloween prank. Get a big candy bucket or box and make sure it says ‘candy’ on the outside or write it on in big letters. Attach a rope to the candy bucket or box and tie it up as high as you can in a tree. Make sure you can still read the word candy from the ground though! Then when a trick or treater comes to your door, point up to the tree and inform them that the candy is up there. Tell them that if they can reach it, they can have it all. Watch as victim after victim tries to reach and fails.
  • Stick all the candy to the bottom of the candy bowl with superglue. Watch as the stupid kids try to get the candy out the bowl with no success.

Got a better halloween prank idea? Leave a comment and let us know!

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