Here are some great prank text messages that you can send to your friends and then wait for the confused and funny replies to come!

U R 100% beautiful,
U R 100% lovely,
U R 100% sweet,
U R 100% nice, and
U R 100% stupid to believe these words

A psychological study
proved that stupid
people use their thumbs
to read text messages.

This is the telephone
terrorist team. If you
have recieved this message
a virus will be activated
on your mobile. Your mobile
will be fully infected in 10
minutes unless you text
back the following code:

Today, if any one praises you for your
1) good looks
2 ) kind nature
3 ) good style
4 ) fun attitude,
…how dare they fool you before april 1st!

You are one of the most CUTE people in the world!
hold on, that means you…

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